My husband and I used Emily as our Doula for the birth of our baby boy and cannot say enough how glad we are to have had her support. As a first time mother and without family nearby, I knew I would need her support.

Before and during birth, I enjoyed her calming personality. There were many moments during labor that were difficult, but I had her calming but strong voice in my ear helping me to get through each contraction.

She had taken the time before the birth to learn about me, my husband, our preferences, likes and dislikes. She knew and cared about what we wanted.

We will definitely use her services again. My husband and I think of her as a friend and continue to talk about how grateful we are that we found her and had her there for the birth of our baby boy. K, T and baby L, Abu Dhabi

I found the idea of giving birth in a foreign country away from my family and friends very daunting .... until Emily agreed to be my doula. Emily made me feel completely at ease. Her friendly but professional attitude allowed me to feel really confident and excited about my upcoming birth and new baby. Before the birth she helped me to make informed decisions about what sort of birth I wanted and where I would be most comfortable having my new baby. Emily helped me form a fantastic birth plan, and to realise it, making the birth of my fourth baby a wonderful experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Emily to anyone, she was so amazing that I can not thank her enough for all she did for me and my family.

Your the BEST Emily. G, T and baby H, Abu Dhabi

Being pregnant and delivering a first child in a foreign country, without the physical support of close friends and family is a daunting and million-question time for any couple. It was important to us that the father was not lumbered with the responsibiliy of being an advocate during birth, but was free to ride with the emotions of the day with the mother.

Having Emily as our Doula, gave us confidence that we would both be able to get through the whole pregnancy and birth process with an honest, down to earth and empathetic support person who could also express our wants and needs during the birth and in the precious moments afterwards.

Emily provided confidence that birth was not something to be scared of and also many many helpful tools and resources for pain management, birth preparation and coping with pregnancy niggles!

I would classify a fantastic Doula, such as Emily, (especially when one is not delivering in their home country), as important on the baby items checklist as a cot and pram and we both hope that Emily can be our Doula for any future pregnancies we are fortunate to have.

Thank You Emily. V, C and baby A, Abu Dhabi

Emily was one of the first people we told our exciting news to! We contacted her when I was only 6-weeks along and she supported us through the entire pregnancy. Emily provided us with a wealth of information at the first meeting, and continually throughout our journey. She was extremely committed to supporting the type of birth that we wanted for our child, and even joined in all of our hypnobirthing sessions! During my surprisingly long labour Emily was constantly there to support my husband and me. She facilitated open communication with the medical service providers and advocated for my birthing preferences. When our son entered the world Emily was quick to take photos that will forever be family keepsakes, including the clock with the exact time of birth! Emily continued to support our family in the days following delivery, always quick to answer all of the questions surrounding new parenthood. We look back on the miracle of pregnancy and birth with absolute joy and happiness. Emily was such a big part of this important time in our lives and we are so thankful to have had her as our birth doula. R, B and baby J, Abu Dhabi