Birth Doula Package

2 or 3 ante-natal sessions, lasting approximately 1.5 - 2 hours each. We will use this time to get know each other, to discuss how we would work best together as a team, to talk about how you would like your birth to be and how you can best achieve it, this is also a good oppurtunity to debrief any previous births, and any fears you may have about the upcoming birth. I am happy to offer books, relevant evidence-based articles and DVD's.

24 hour on-call period from weeks 38-42 of your pregnancy (if you have a history of premature birth this can be adjusted to suit you, equally if you do go into labour before my official on-call period starts, or after it ends, I will do my very best to be with you).

Continuous support from when you feel you need me in labour, through birth and until you feel comfortable with your new baby (usually between 2 - 4 hours after the birth).

2 post-natal visits, lasting approximately 1.5 hours each. We can use this time to discuss the birth, your feelings on becoming a mother, any worries or questions you may have regarding feeding or babycare. Please note that I do not offer baby weight checks.

Post-Natal Doula Role

I am available to work between 9am and 6pm (minimum 3 hour session per day, maximum 6 hour session per day). Please ask if you would like me outside of those hours, as it may sometimes be possible .

My role will be to look after you, so you can look after your baby. I will provide practical and emotional support, help you to establish confidence with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, assist with anything that needs to be done e.g looking after your other children, doing the laundry, preparing meals for you and your family, running errands, shopping , looking after baby while you catch up on sleep etc.

I will do my very best to ensure that you feel confident and supported to care for your newborn baby.

Closing The Bones Massage

I offer this traditional Ecuadorian ceremony to any mother, regardless of when you gave birth.

It consists of debriefing your birth, a lower abdominal, hip and pelvic massage, rocking and binding with a rebozo (a long strip of cloth), relaxation, final closing and a cup of tea and chat afterwards. The ceremony takes approximately 2 hours, and is extremely peaceful, comforting and allows you to release any emotions you may need to, in a safe and confidential space.