Closing The Bones

A Closing the Bones ceremony is traditionally performed in many countries around the world. Sadly, the tradition is being lost now the world has become so large, accessible and technological. 

In the countries where it is still practiced it is usually done very soon after birth and for the next 40 days. Sadly, many women here simply do not have the time for this. I have been trained in the Ecuadorian technique and can offer one or more sessions, depending on your wishes, and no matter how long ago your birth was.

The Closing lasts approximately 2 hours and involves: a debrief of your birth experience, hip/pelvic rocking using a manta (long scarf), abdominal massage, pelvic tightening and the wrapping in scarfs up the entire body. I also use chakra stones on all the chakra points, and a singing bowl, to increase your positive energetic vibration. This is all performed with much gentleness, love and safety, whilst listening to beautiful soft music. We finish off with a cup of tea, another chat and a hug.

It is peaceful and loving, an honouring of your body an a welcome to motherhood. Many women find it healing, emotionally releasing and uplifting; and it is deeply relaxing.

Please read, below, some testimonials from some of the mothers I have had the honour of working with.

I am writing to highly recommend the closing the bones treatment done by Emily. I did the closing the bones treatment with Emily after it was recommended to me by a friend of mine. Emily is professional and caring. She took time to explain to me how the treatment works and enquire about my birth experience extensively. Also I have to say that I can easily confirm the effectiveness and gentleness of the closing the bones massage on various joints and organs.
In addition to the physical aspect of closing the bones, there is also a spiritual aspect to the treatment, which provided me with  a safe space/ritual to feel nurtured and release emotions associated with the birth and motherhood. I was also amazed by how powerful this ritual can be in releasing emotions in a safe way. After the treatment I felt light and relieved. I would do it again in a heartbeat and recommend it to all ladies who need a healing experience after birth.

V, Dubai, 2017

I feel amazingly privileged and fortunate to have met Emily, she is the most wonderful, caring person with a heart of gold. Emily had mentioned 'Closing the Bones' to me but having 3 grown up children 27, 26 and 24 years I thought I was far too 'old' for this. How wrong was I!! My third delivery was an abruption, emergency C-section with a poorly little one in special care leaving me with a lot of 'unfinished business'.

Emily took the time to explain to me what would happen and made me feel so comfortable and safe. Both the physical part, the massage and the spiritual part of the whole process left me feeling healed and nurtured, with a sense of peace and understanding. I was able to release emotions I had held onto for years leaving me feeling whole again.

I feel deeply honoured to have experienced this beautiful tradition with Emily and am filled with gratitude for the feelings of restoration and peace I am left with.
I would recommend Emily to anyone and would do this again next week! Than you Emily, you are one special lady xx

L.A, Dubai, 2017

 I went to see Emily Marsh yesterday to “close my bones”.  For those of you who don’t know, “closing the bones” is a ritual performed in many many countries across the globe after the physically and emotionally draining process of childbirth.  It secures the mother in a warm, safe environment and physically and metaphorically returns the mother’s body and spirit to a pre-stretched state (I can’t think of the right word).

I can’t tell you how amazing the physical and emotional closure I received was.  Emily was kind, compassionate and allowed me to “unload” the emotional side of my journey to and through motherhood.  I also had physical residual pain from carrying triplets.  After spending the morning with Emily yesterday, and after a nice long walk to clear the cobwebs, this morning I woke up pain free for the first time in 4.5 years, and I awoke with a new sense of calm gratitude for the blessings I have.

I realized yesterday that the process of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood stretches every element of our being - when that journey is complicated with unexpected or traumatic events, it can stretch us to a point where we no longer have something left to give.

Yesterday’s session with Emily allowed me to re-fill some of my cup, and help me gain acceptance and closure on the journey that was, and allow me to continue the extremely difficult and wonderful journey of motherhood with renewed energy.

If any of you are feeling “out of sorts” since having your children, and you are actively looking, with purpose, to find “closure”, I strongly recommend a visit with Emily.

Emily - thank you 🙏.  I hope you also got some rest - your energy and compassion has re-filled mine and for that I am eternally grateful.

F.T, Dubai, 2018