About Me!

I am Emily! I am extrememly lucky to be married to a wonderfully supportive man and have two beautiful daughters, aged 17 and 14 years. I come from England and lived there until 2004, when our little family unit moved to Abu Dhabi, then onto Qatar in 2010, back to England in 2011 and then back to the UAE (Dubai this time!) in 2014.

I trained to be a doula in 2008 with Nurturing Birth, UK, and in 2009 I also attended the DONA (Doulas of North America) training course. I qualified as a certified Nurturing Birth doula in early 2011.

What wonderful and inspirational courses they were! They fired my passion for birth and gave me confidence that I could work with couples to achieve the best possible birth experience for them, by helping them understand birth, by providing other points of view from those that they may have heard, and by reminding women that they can trust their bodies, trust their baby, trust their instincts, that they are strong and competent and able to have a safe, fulfilling, empowering and positive birth experience.

I attended my first birth in April 2009, and since then have had the privilege of supporting numerous couples as a birth doula. What an honour it is to be there at such a moment of joy, each pregnancy, labour and birth being so unique, but so very special each time. I have also supported new parents as a post-natal doula during the first few weeks after birth.

I am also a trained Closing the Bones practitioner, using the traditional Ecuadorian technique, I am excited about being able to offer this beautiful ceremony to any mother, whenever they birthed.

The doula journey never ends, it is filled with ongoing learning, laughter, memories and most of all.......love.

Emily x